WHAT a combination - sausages and Christmas. Those keen eyed, self promoting, kind hearted fundraisers at Bedale Association Football Club have come up with quite probably one of the most ideal present for any stocking come Christmas morning. Yes it has to be one of their bright pink and orange sausage motif emblazoned footy or cycling shirts, sponsored by those very keen marketers Heck Foods from Bedale. OK you have to be a brave soul to wear it, but among the players it’s become a badge of honour to proudly wander about in, allegedly.

The story of the “worst footy kit” contender has gone round the world, and set the sausage world sizzling too, although the club do maintain that one of their biggest accolades was a column in Pig World magazine. Always keen to spot a fundraising opportunity for a cause very close to their hearts the club have been selling off the shirts, with £5 from each going to the Team Garby Just Giving Page. Steve Garbett was a close friend who died from prostate cancer in 2014 and over the past three years over £144,100 has been raised by friends and family in his name for research into the disease and support for sufferers.

Bedale club chairman Martyn Coombs said they’re about halfway through their consignment of football shirts and cycling tops and are keen to clear them before Christmas.

“They do make a very interesting Xmas present and will certainly get you noticed out on the road,” said Mr Coombs. Four of the players are appearing on Soccer AM, on Sky Sports on Saturday December 2, resplendent in their sausage footy kit to promote the cause, in the meantime shirts can be purchased through www.bedaleafc.com