IT was moving to hear of the dedication of police when it comes to remembering their fallen comrades.

The North Yorkshire force has recently moved to a new HQ in Northallerton - and they have taken all the memorials, to officers who died in peace and in war - with them.

It means the names of the twelve North Riding Constabulary police officers who were killed in the First World War are now immortalised in the new memoral garden.

And some of their descendants actually attended the service of rededication with the help of chief finance officer Jane Palmer who used her love of history and genealogy to find out more about the fallen dozen.

“These were men who played an important role in our communities,” said Jane, who carried out the research in her spare time using archived documents, official records, historic newspaper articles and more.

“Until world events took over and changed the course of their lives, they covered the beats that our officers still tread to this day.

“It’s been a privilege to discover more about them and record it – where they were from, where they served as police officers, their family trees and how they gave came to give the ultimate sacrifice for their comrades and their country."

The results of her selfless labours have now been turned into a new booklet, The Ultimate Sacrifice in the Great War, which can be downloaded by visiting

And if any readers have pictures or information about those long-dead officers Jane would be delighted to add them to the record.