EIGHT years ago, a small group of Wensleydale Railway volunteers formed “The Aysgarth Station Project” (TASP), with the objective of resurrecting a neglected asset and creating a heritage and visitor centre to benefit the local community.

Since then, over £35,000 has been raised and invested in the site, transforming it from something of a wilderness into a visitor centre that had started to benefit both the Wensleydale Railway and the local community.

The culmination of this effort was the opening and equipping of the café coach and the running of the most successful open days season to date.

The station is now to be sold to provide a much needed cash injection to the Wensleydale Railway. The TASP managing committee understands the reasons that brought the railway to this decision and recognises the support expressed for it at the recent AGMs. Whilst being disappointed at the way the decision was communicated, they wish the railway and the new owner of Aysgarth all the best for their respective futures.

We would like to thank everyone who came to visit us, either to see the station or as part of enjoying all that Aysgarth has to offer. We hope you remember a pleasant experience, nice cakes, or just chatting to dedicated volunteers. To see you showing interest in our efforts and having a good time was very satisfying for us.

We would also like to thank all those who supported us during this time, including Richmondshire District Council, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Carperby and Aysgarth parish councils, local WI and community groups, private donors and sponsors, and the Wensleydale Railway.

Finally, but by no means least, we would like to thank the all volunteers who worked so hard to develop, renovate and open the station over the last eight years. They can be proud of what they achieved.

Neil Barker, Chairman of TASP