WITH regards to Spectator’s Notes on the River Leven path and the remarks about Stokesley Parish Council (D&S Times, September 1), they have totally misunderstood the situation and are being unnecessarily rude.

The issue raised by the parish council is not one of aesthetics, the path, in places, would be literally too wide. There are sections along the path, as proposed by the River Leven Group, where the gap between the River Leven and the maintained highway is less than 1.5 metres. So, it’s too wide!

In fact, it’s really rather odd that Spectator is praising the River Leven Group when, in fact, it is their proposal that is flawed. Spectator notes that the group “had been working since the successful Jubilee Bridge project in 2013 to make an equally accessible riverside path” and comments that “the width of the path was integral to the project” – so why in all that time did the group not recognise the problem that in places the path physically will not fit?

Whilst I too dislike some of the actions of our so-called elected authorities, I abhor sloppy journalism.

Spectator, apologise and next time get your facts right.

Graham Smith, Stokesley