REFERENCE your article “May reveals 20,000 jobs aim” (D&S Times, August 25).

Your Business Editor, Steven Hugill, should be congratulated for his coverage of Theresa May’s visit to the region.

Despite the general lack of anything to report the article tells the reader a lot about where the region stands in its relationship with London and the powers that be.

While the Prime Minister may be right in encouraging us to look to the future and cast the past aside it is perhaps easier for her to do than for those who lost their jobs.

As for investment in the railway network, unless I’m mistaken this sounds like public money supporting private enterprise.

Finally, putting aside the old adage “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” I wonder if in this age of austerity Mr Hugill and his fellow journalists were treated to a cup of tea or, having the proverbial finger on the pulse, perhaps they thought it prudent to take a flask.

Timothy Wood, Guisborough