PEOPLE callous enough to break-in, burgle and destroy a small business simply do not care about the impact their actions have, but to deliberately target a charity which seeks to improve the lives of others is surely the lowest of the low.

Just The Job, a charity in Richmond which helps adults with disabilities to find fulfilment through enjoyable work, specialising in gardening, was targeted by such thieves recently.

A gang, partially caught on CCTV before they moved the direction of the cameras, climbed onto the roof and smashed through the asbestos panels, causing a huge amount of mess in the process, before stealing the safe and around £6,000 worth of power tools.

As a parting gift, the gang set of fire extinguishers to cover any footprints, an act which also rendered the office computers useless.

It must be difficult to pick yourself up and dust yourself off after such a devastating blow, but Steve Biggs and his team at Just The Job have been touched at the generosity of the Richmond community, which has rallied round to ensure they can continue to do their excellent work.

Donations large and small, offers of raffle prizes, and tools on loan have meant to the world to the team, who have also had to console their team members – many of whom have learning disabilities which makes such an act difficult to understand.

Thankfully, Mr Biggs said they are already rebuilding both the confidence of their team members and the work of the charity.

Without charities like Just The Job, many disabled adults in the area would be without meaningful and enjoyable work, something so many of us take for granted.