WE’VE run a number of stories in this paper regarding schools’ funding, but the figures for how much individual schools are losing speak for themselves.

The teaching unions which put together the figures for the Schools Cuts website, estimate it averages as £76 per pupil in North Yorkshire, but for some schools it equates to hundreds of pounds per pupil.

Other organisations may dispute these exact figures or use different methodology and arrive at a different figure. The fact remains, school finances are in turmoil.

They are already increasing class sizes, merging with other schools, axing teaching posts and getting rid of classroom assistants.

The vast majority of schools already run a tight ship and won’t find this money by tinkering about the edges.

What does it mean if you’re a parent or child in the classroom? No doubt many children will be fine.

But what about the children who may possess skills to be the great problem-solvers of the future, but are held back by some dyslexia that schools will struggle to provide for?

The designers and artists of the future who don’t get to study their chosen subject for A-level because the subject costs too much for the school to put it on their curriculum? The child with Asperger’s who could have a glittering career in finance if they get the support they need to channel their intelligence.

Or the talented teachers who fill their children with inspiration and enthusiasm for learning, but become so disheartened and overwhelmed they leave their profession?

It’s wrong for the potential of any child to be overlooked and wasted.

Talent is present at every level of society. Nobody should have their opportunity to contribute something great to society thrown away for the sake of a few quid.