THE reverberations following Hambleton District Council’s decision to grant planning permission for PGL to create a new activity centre in Newby Wiske are continuing.

Just this week two councillors were hauled before a standards hearings panel after their conduct in that crucial planning meeting was called into question.

Both councillors denied acting inappropriately and the panel cleared them of any wrongdoing, but the incident has once again brought the PGL decision back under the spotlight.

Most, if not all, Newby Wiske residents appear have an underlying sense that the PGL development was a ‘done deal’ months before any official decision was made.

A survey taken at one of the public consultation events appeared to show a decent level of support for PGL’s application, but residents later said the questions were misleading and the answers construed to paint a skewed picture.

When planning matters will have a clear impact on the quality of life of those living close to the proposed development, transparency and integrity is crucial throughout the whole process.

It is unfortunate that the PCC’s office behind the sale of the building will not disclose what, if any, other offers were on the table for the hall.

Newby Wiske residents have previously said they would welcome retirement apartments or something similar that they believe is more appropriate at the heart of a quiet village.

Ultimately the PGL approval decision has been made, but with a judicial review process possibly on the horizon, it is not quite a ‘done deal’ just yet.