SOMETIMES love is just not enough. The commitment of Dr James Dunbar, Clinical Director of the Friarage Hospital over the future preservation of the site was plain to see when he told Northallerton Town Council that he "loved" the place, and wants to create a sustainable future. And understandably he is not prepared to try and offer treatment he would not want for his own family. It's totally laudable he sees it from a clinicians point of view. They concentrate on how many people they can get back on their feet? how much pain can be relieved? how many successful operations done? Great that's what we all want, but we also need a commitment to that cherished hospital on our doorstep, to provide pretty much all round care.

Specialisation and the astonishing successes of the health service in combatting so many everyday diseases has caused a crisis of cash and bouyed by a totally unfathomable shortage of trained staff, consultants seem to be calling the shots and don't want work in smaller hospitals.

The disgraceful end of the Lambert Hospital has been a real wake up call and a reminder of just how important it is for people to have their say. OK it didn't work for the Lambert, and it didn't stop the maternity unit being downgraded at the Friarage, but there is a huge discussion going on about the future and it's crucial a show of strength is demonstrated.

Next year the hospital trust will pull together a business case for the Friarage, that will be the game changer for our local health service, another official consultation could be held over A and E and other services next spring. Now is most definitely the time to keep up the pressure on both the clinical commissioning group and the hospital foundation trust.