WENSLEYDALE Railway supporters have done amazing things since they first gathered, initially in 1990 to save the line and then from 2000 when the public limited company was formed to put it on the right track. Well over a million was raised initially through shareholders and much more has been poured in since to keep the trains running.

The latest, and certainly one of the most difficult issues the railway has faced so far, as so often is money. The Board is only thinking of selling the so called jewel in the crown of Aysgarth station because they desperately need the cash. But with thousands of members, all undoubtedly railway enthusiasts in one form or another, it will be no easy task to persuade them that allowing the station to go into private hands is in any way beneficial.

The Board may not have to persuade, a block vote could push the sale through evidently, and this is why many members have contacted the paper to voice their concern. There is no point in the Board being disappointed that the so called "confidential" letter was sent to us, this is an issue people will feel strongly about and a public discussion is right and proper.

The potential purchaser intends apparently to reinstate the station track and locate coaching stock and locomotives with public access on certain days, looking at reintroducing the line to Redmire and potentially westwards too. But the Board admits there can be no legally binding contract to ensure future access if they want to secure a reasonable price.

For heritage railways such as Wensleydale it's a dilemma, many enthusiasts dream of restoring what there once was, financially it's crippling, can the Board risk losing support by pushing the sale and in the end can they afford not too?