NO-one ever said it was going to be easy. Accommodating the population, ensuring jobs and protecting the environment, it is always going to be a tough call and as the residents of Leeming Bar and Hambleton District Council are finding out there are no simple answers.

With a planned 70-acre industrial estate the council appeared to have come up with what they obviously thought was a good plan to meet the perceived needs, Originally a much smaller approach had been considered at Leeming Bar, but it was felt they needed to prepare for a much greater demand and seemingly that area was ideal, just next door to the A1 motorway.

However of course that forgets the people. While it cannot be said the residents of Leeming Bar could argue their doorstep is a pristine example of rolling hills and pastures, there are two existing industrial areas already and they can rightly protest they’ve done their bit.

While jobs are crucial, they also feel there are more than enough for the local population - arguing that workers are already being bussed in from other areas to keep the factories and businesses going.

Many new houses have been built, not only in Leeming Bar but in neighbouring Aiskew and Bedale. There could be an argument that they have been developed with the expanding industrial estates in mind. New workers on the doorstep is certainly a phrase we’ve heard before.

This maybe the past repeating itself. Our communities have constantly shifted, upping sticks and following work. But in this time of improved transport and immediate communication is it fair to pile on the pressure to a community which already feels it’s played its part?