North Yorkshire Council are developing a new Local Transport Plan for the county.

The authority recently initiated another round of "Let’s Talk" surveys as part of the approach to its action on climate change – this time focusing on transport.

As well as gathering the views and ideas of the local community, it is also a means of maintaining awareness of the climate emergency which was announced by North Yorkshire in July 2022.

Addressing the climate crisis requires a community response. This means we must all modify our behaviour; whether it is reducing consumption and increasing re-using, improving energy efficiency, or changing the way in which we travel. Please take part in the Let’s Talk Transport survey, by July 17. You can complete the survey online, at, or by picking up a copy in your local library.

Clearly the emissions resulting from the transport choices we make are a source of significant carbon emissions across our communities.

Data arising from the Impact community carbon calculator, developed by the University of Exeter (, estimated that the carbon emissions arising from our transport decisions was between 21 per cent and 26 per cent of the carbon emissions for the North Yorkshire Council area.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Climate Action Stokesley and Villages

Re-thinking how we might travel could therefore have a major impact on reducing our emissions. This might involve opting to walk and cycle more, wherever possible, particularly for short journeys. To support this, many local communities are requesting a 20mph speed limit in all our built-up areas where people mix with motor traffic.

As well as making walking and cycling safer, this would also reduce vehicle emissions. We could also look for opportunities to switch to using buses and trains for longer journeys. The likelihood is that an increase in the demand for public transport would give rise to an increase in provision.

July 1 also saw the re-start of the Moorsbus. Started in 2014, by a group of people committed to a greener transport alternative, Moorsbus is working with communities and other groups to develop and promote local bus services. Its route network extends from Redcar and Middlesbrough in the north of our region to Northallerton, York, Malton, Scarborough and Whitby.

Moorsbus strives to connect everyone to the North York Moors and in so doing helps to create a fairer and greener society, today and for future generations. Leaving the car and using the Moorsbus does not meaning missing out on those trips to enjoy the magnificent local countryside. For timetables visit

Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group hope you find our Climate Column informative and thought provoking. We are holding our AGM on Tuesday, July 18, starting at 7.30pm in The Globe Community Library, North Road, Stokesley. If you would prefer to take part by Zoom email us for details – In addition to reviewing our work over the last year, we will be looking at the carbon footprint of our local area using the Impact tool to help plan future activity. All are welcome.