In its monthly column, Climate Action Stokesley and Villages looks at a consultation exercise launched in North Yorkshire.

Last month we explored actions that individuals can take to reduce climate change. This month we highlight the recently launched consultation on the new draft Climate Change Strategy for North Yorkshire Council.

We encourage you to respond to the draft strategy and have an impact on the outcome. Climate Action Stokesley and Villages’ next meeting (details below) will be examining the strategy, and offering support and information for anyone who would like more background before completing the survey.

The draft strategy document and a link to the Let’s Talk Climate survey can be found online by clicking here. Reference copies are also available in local libraries. The consultation closes on April 7.

A snapshot of targets for all partners in the region

A snapshot of targets for all partners in the region

In July 2022, a climate emergency was announced for North Yorkshire. This strategy sets out North Yorkshire Council’s approach to fulfilling its ambition to become net zero in its operational activities by 2030 and to work with partners to achieve York and North Yorkshire net zero by 2034 and carbon negative by 2040. The diagram from the strategy document (p17) shows a snapshot of targets for all partners in the region to work towards.

During Let’s Talk's first round of surveys, the data showed that residents felt climate change was in the top three items which should be prioritised by the council over the next three years. Now is your chance to help with that prioritisation.

Climate Action Stokesley and Villages

Climate Action Stokesley and Villages

The survey asks:

•How aware are you of climate change?

•How worried are you about climate change?

•What actions have you taken to tackle climate change?

Then moves on to asking how confident you feel about the council’s suggested strategy.

More detail is provided by clicking on the + next to each question. The strategy outlines:

•How the council plan to slow down climate change.

•How the council are preparing for a changing climate.

•Helping nature to help us.

Followed by:

How would you prioritise our key actions?

•Energy efficient built structures

•Travel and Transport

•Reduce waste by reusing and recycling

•Renewable energy growth

•Farming emissions

•Capturing and storing carbon

•Encouraging everyone to reduce carbon emissions

•Renewable energy growth

Then finally:

•How do you think the council can best work with our partners and the community to tackle climate change?

•Are you a member of a group involved in any environmentally friendly activities?

•What other suggestions do you have to help the council manage a changing climate?

The more people who respond to the consultation, the greater backing the council will have to act. Have a look at the strategy and consider if the timescale is fast enough, is the change suggested deep enough, what would you like to see included that is currently missing or are some of the changes suggested not going to lead to a reduction in carbon emissions in a way that is fair and just?

Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group meeting is on February 21 in The Globe Community Library, North Road from 7.30pm to9pm. All welcome.