Sir, – Some years ago I awoke one night to find my husband having what I thought was a stroke. I rang the emergency number and was put through to the duty doctor.

Within ten minutes he arrived and rang for an ambulance who arrived in about 15 minutes and away my husband went to the Friarage.

I followed in our car and by the time I got to the stroke ward my husband was already receiving treatment from Dr Jay and his team. After some days he was transferred to the Rutson where the care was excellent.

Eventually he was discharged, but with support visits from the outreach department.

Everyone who sees my husband remarks on the recovery he made from what was a major stroke.

I do believe that if he had been taken to the James Cook University Hospital he would not be in the condition he is today. We are told that the speed in getting attention is the key to a successful outcome to recovery.

By bypassing the Friarage, as is now proposed, I feel this jeopardises patients’ recovery as they are then being returned to Northallerton to continue treatment.

M HOLDSTOCK Scotton, Catterick Garrison.