Sir, – May we be clear about the 31 affordable homes for Catterick Village. They will not be swept into the council’s choice based lettings scheme.

Both Richmondshire District Council and its agents, Broadacres of Northallerton, have confirmed the houses will be for “local” people only.

However, even before the first one is occupied, there is a rumour a Leeds family, recently moved into the village and living in rented accommodation, is going to get one of the new bungalows.

While no-one in authority may be able to comment on individual cases, it should be remembered the initial interest of 51 applicants in the village, was the key to setting this development in motion.

It is to them that the offer of accommodation should be first made. Will this be the case and will Broadacres be fully compliant with what people were lead to believe about the development?

TONY PELTON High Green, Catterick Village.