Sir, – Re Chris Lloyd’s most interesting article on the Catterick Bridge station explosion tragedy, may I add an additional fact.

Lorry Driver John Weller did indeed play a major role in subsequent rescue operations with no regard for his own safety. His bravery was such that he was awarded the Edward Medal, this award appearing in the London Gazette of June 9, 1944, which stated that John Weller’s behaviour “showed courage, initiative and determination of a high order”.

The Edward Medal was a rare award, it being reported that only four were awarded during the Second World War. Instituted in 1907 by King Edward VII, it was intended primarily to recognise the heroism of civilians who endangered their lives by rescuing others in similar work situations, e.g. miners.

That awarded to John Weller eventually came into the ownership of Richmond Town Council and went on display at the museum along with other items of town and church plate.

Finally, may I correct the reference to Lt King who was among those killed. This Royal Engineer had just arrived at the station office in his regimental capacity as transport officer, not radio/telephone operator.