Sir, – Thousands of hunt supporters are working the length and breadth of the UK campaigning to guarantee the election to Parliament of hunt supporting MPs.

They will be on your doorstep giving out leaflets on all the other issues, but not the main priority at top of their agenda: the repeal of the Hunting Act. If asked they talk about rural schools, pubs, shops and the state of the economy.

In previous elections we have seen them being told not to wear hunting gear or badges, nor have vehicles decked with pro-hunt stickers if going onto normal housing estates.

The hunters tell us they will repeal the Act and replace it with strict internal rules on hunting that will remove all cruelty from the hunting field.

Rubbish. A significant number of hunts are breaking the law now. How can we seriously believe they will obey their own “rules” with the absence of the law?

We already see hunters getting government support for the training of hunt staff, and, with a change of government, this could easily be expanded to include events such as the Waterloo Cup, the former annual hare coursing event held near Liverpool.

How about a shiny new grandstand in place of the present bank where yobs watch as the hare flees in terror before being ripped apart for the fun those watching.