The queen of baking and now the kitchen, Mary Berry is returning to our screens in a new BBC show tonight. 

Berry, 86, is set to host the new cooking show where she'll share culinary tips she's honed over the decades.

The beloved baker will also be talking to fellow foodies about growing their own ingredients in their gardens.

When is Mary Berry's new BBC show Love to Cook on?

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Mary Berry returns to our screens tonight on BBC Two.

Her new show: 'Love to Cook' will air at 8pm, returning at the same time every Wednesday.

The six-episode series will also be available to catch up on BBC Iplayer after broadcast.

The master pastry chef spoke to Ella Walker from Press Association about the new series and her passion for cooking.

“Oh, it’s my relaxation,” says Bath-born Berry.

“I don’t find the kitchen stressful because I do know what I’m doing,” she says.

“And I do wash up as I go along.”

Love To Cook was actually commissioned at a very stressful time, at the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020.

“We were all beginning to cook but in a different way,” remembers Berry, who was locked down with her husband of more than 50 years, Paul.

She says Lockdown “reminded me I love to cook” and also proved rather helpful when it came to having the time to really consider ingredients and develop recipes.

The pandemic meant Berry was restricted to travelling around England for filming, but there was, she says “still lots to learn”.

The show sees her meet a group of men who have turned to piemaking to help combat “feeling low and depressed and lonely,”- as well as Brixton Village in South London and Carmarthenshire to forage for samphire.

What will Mary Berry cook in tonight's episode?

In tonight's episode, the first in the series, she meets Terry Walton who is from a former Welsh mining town and is an experienced allotmenter.

“If you look into the hills, years gone by it would have been slag heaps, all grey,” says Berry.

“And now there’s no mine there.

“They were beautifully covered in green.”

She was particularly enamoured with the community feel on Walton’s allotment.

“They have a little shed, which they built out of old doors and window frames, and got electricity in there for their tea, they all go in at sort of 11 o’clock and chat, it’s socially great,” says Berry, who is a keen gardener herself.

She will be also sharing cooking tips for her aubergine caponata, a  vegetable noodle soup, and her chicken and herb casserole. 

Mary Berry: Love to Cook starts tonight (Thursday, November 11 2021) at 8pm on BBC Two.