Residents in Robert Jenrick’s constituency have said they agree with his decision to resign from the Government over immigration issues.

Mr Jenrick resigned as immigration minister on Wednesday due to disagreements with the Government’s approach to stopping small boat crossings.

On Thursday, residents in Mr Jenrick’s Newark constituency in Nottinghamshire said they also agreed that more should be done to tackle immigration issues.

However, many said they hope to see him more in the area, with some criticising him for not being visible in the constituency.

Janine, who did not wish to give her second name and is from the town, said: “I don’t think they’re doing what’s best for the country.

“The only time you see him is if he is opening something or something is happening, he shouldn’t be MP for Newark.”

Commenting on his resignation as immigration minister, she said: “Fair enough, I suppose at least he is being honest.

“I think we have got to do more for immigration, we have got to sort it out.

“At least he has got his principles, I suppose.”

Mr Jenrick, a long-term ally of Rishi Sunak, said he had to quit due to having “such strong disagreements” with the Prime Minister’s approach to immigration.

A draft Bill put before Parliament compels judges to treat Rwanda as a safe country, after the scheme to send refugees to the African country was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court due to safety concerns.

The legislation, which will now be voted on, gives ministers the powers to disregard sections of the Human Rights Act.

But the Bill would not allow them to dismiss the European Convention on Human Rights, something that had been demanded by allies of the former home secretary, Suella Braverman.

One Newark resident, who did not wish to be named, said Mr Jenrick should be more visible in his constituency, but said she believed there was a need to solve immigration issues.

She said: “You never normally see him in town, never.

“In all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve seen him once, and that was years ago.

“But I’m with him, they need to do more to stop immigration because they don’t look after our own, so how can we look after other people?

“It’s a difficult one because I wouldn’t want to think of anybody suffering, anybody in pain, anybody that can’t live in the country that they’re supposed to be in, I’m more than happy for all of that to happen, but I believe they should come properly (through legal routes).”

Mr Jenrick, who has been MP for Newark since 2014, drew some criticism from residents for not living in the town.

Newark town centre
Newark town centre (Callum Parke/PA)

Another resident, who also did not wish to be named, criticised the Government’s plan to accommodate migrants at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

The scheme, which also includes plans to hold migrants at RAF Wethersfield in Essex, was ruled lawful by the High Court on Wednesday.

She said: “I don’t agree with that, 100%.

“They are putting millions so people can live there. What are they giving to our country? Nothing. What are they taking? Everything.”