A CONTEMPORARY exhibition documenting fox-hunting before, during and after the controversial ban is on the menu at a North Yorkshire gastro-pub.

The award-winning Hare Inn at Scawton, near Rievaulx Abbey, is to feature the work of local photographer Kirstie Handley.

The 38-year-old artists followed the Bilsdale Farmers and West of Yore Hunts to present the sport from a genuine and honest perspective.

She has spent several years developing a specialism in social documentary work following an early career in press photography and an honours degree in the subject.

"My love of photography is about being able to fully experience a moment through photographic capture; directly transporting it to the audience.," she said.

"I am interested in lifestyles within British culture, in particular those that reflect rural communities.

"This body of work incorporates two years of study, during the completion of my degree.

"In an honest observation it documents the life of the hunt, presenting the people and their experiences during the transition to accommodate new laws."

Pub owners Jan and Geoff Smith said they were excited about hosting the exhibition, which opens on December 8.

"The Hare has been renowned for centuries as being at the very centre of Yorkshire's sporting heartland," said Jan.