CHILD protection measures in North Yorkshire have been praised by a new survey set up to prevent a repeat of the Baby P tragedy.

Children under North Yorkshire County Council’s care are looked after and educated to the highest standard the Ofsted report states.

The report forms part of a hard-hitting regime that was brought in after Baby P’s death to make sure council’s were up to scratch.

It found that children entering North Yorkshire’s child protection system were allocated a suitably qualified social worker.

Child protection reviews are held on time with the section’s leadership seen as responsive, proactive and effective.

Amongst the praise though is a fear that increased workloads are meaning that staff are struggling to meet time guidelines in some cases.

Cynthia Welbourn, the council’s director of children and young people’s services, said work was being done to combat this.

She said: "The whole thrust of this inspection has been to affirm the challenges we are already tackling.

"These are pressing issues and our highest priority. In North Yorkshire the number of referrals to the county’s service has risen by over 25 per cent this year.

"In the last 12 months we have put nearly £1 million into supporting the system and can see this beginning to ease the problems.

"Moreover we have invested another £800,000 to increase staff levels to meet the increase in demand for safeguarding and care services.

"Indeed the exacting nature of this inspection regime means we can be confident that children are safe here and feel safe here and our services have many strengths.

"This is a time of challenge and a time of change and we are making the changes and moving in a new direction."