STAFF members at a North Yorkshire prison have joined together to raise funds for charity that provides hearing dogs for the deaf.

Prison officers and staff at HM Young Offenders Institute (YOI) Northallerton held a PAWS for Coffee event to support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a charity which it has helped in the past by making regular donations to help train dogs.

The event featured a cake stall and a virtual dog show, with staff bringing in pictures of their dogs, which were then judged in the traditional way, raising a total of £300.

Northallerton YOI Governor Norman Griffin said, "It’s good to bring the work team together for something enjoyable that can also bring neighbourhood rewards and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a very worthy cause.

"I look forward to more joint events with the charity and hope to increase long term community benefit by including offenders in our support activities." The event was also attended by Daphne Hadfield, one of the region’s registered speakers, who brought her hearing dog, Pip, to meet the team.

Ms Hadfield said: "Deafness can be a very isolating and lonely disability. A hearing dog brings practical assistance as well as companionship and gives its deaf owner the confidence to go out and meet new people."

The charity is looking to recruit volunteers to organise fundraising and community events in their own area and also to become registered speakers, who promote the charity and give talks about it’s work.

For more information call Lynn Larner on 01287-659070 or email