WORK on the region’s version of the Stonehenge stone circle has been completed.

The creator of Sentry Circle insists that it will be a place of spiritual harmony, rather than a lucrative tourist attraction.

Farmer Derek Plews has spent the past three years masterminding the installation, at Lenthor Farm, Brompton, near Northallerton, in North Yorkshire.

Mr Plews said his monument would be of interest to people keen on finding inner peace.

He believes the prehistoric significance of Stonehenge, near Salisbury, in Wiltshire, is lost on some of the thousands of visitors it attracts each year.

The final piece of Mr Plews’ circle – which is 25 metres in diameter and has 14 stones – was hoisted into place at the weekend.

Mr Plews, 59, said: “The last stone was put in as the sun was setting.

“About 20 people have worked on the project over the past few years.

“We had a gathering to mark the completion of the circle, which was attended by about 90 people.”

It is thought that the circle has cost several thousand pounds to put together.

The 14 stones weigh between one-and-a-half and three tonnes, and range from 6ft to 8ft in height.

Each one is named after a different tree in the Celtic calendar.

They are placed according to megalithic measurements and have been lined up astrologically.

Mr Plews said: “It is not about money. This is not a replica of Stonehenge, it is a new stone circle, which is lined up with the stars.

“It is a really spiritual place. It is not a tourist attraction. It is somewhere sacred”

Although the stone circle will not be operated in the same way as its famous counterpart, Stonehenge, where adults pay more than £6 for admission, Mr Plews said that anyone interested in visiting Sentry Circle would be welcome.

Events to have taken place on Mr Plews’ land in the past include pagan weddings, camping and festivals.

He intends to hold more such events, starting with Viking Volks, a weekend of music for owners of VW camper vans, being held this weekend Mr Plews said: “If I do make a few quid out of it, that will be a bonus, but it is not my intention.”

Anyone interested in visiting the stone circle can call Mr Plews, on 07801-515287, or email him at