A Darlington netball club made up of hundreds of women has been left on cloud nine after they scooped an award last month that named them the best in the region.

Darlington Headlanders are officially the best netball club in the North East after they took home the win at the One Awards following a plush ceremony at the Grand Hotel in Gosforth, Newcastle on June 21.

The club, made up of around 300 people aged 5 and up, train at venues across the town whilst playing in leagues and offering opportunities to young people beginning and returning to the sport after school. 

Darlington Headlanders committee at the One Awards.Darlington Headlanders committee at the One Awards. (Image: REBECCA ELDRINGTON)

Other than sport, the tight-knit group, described as a "family" partake in an annual ball and raise money for charity - with their total being £2,500 in the last two years.

Led by head coach Natasha Levy, the club has seen exponential growth over the 20 years it has been up and running with this award being the latest for the passionate team.

Rebecca Eldrington, Deputy Chair of the Headlanders, spoke to the Echo following the achievement as she hopes the accolade will draw more people to the sport.

Darlington Headlanders Junior Squad.Darlington Headlanders Junior Squad. (Image: REBECCA ELDRINGTON)

She said: "We feel absolutely amazing - just super proud. It feels like recognition of all the hard work that the community have put in over the last few years to grow the club.Darlington Headlanders Senior Regional Squad.Darlington Headlanders Senior Regional Squad. (Image: REBECCA ELDRINGTON)

"Hopefully, this award will just let us grow further - we are really keen on providing opportunities for people across Darlington and get qualifications including in coaching and umpiring.

"For anyone thinking of joining, I'd say for them to just come along and give it a go. It's a really friendly environment.

"Don't be afraid of what other people may think - we have had so many people return to the sport after not playing for a long time. It's a great opportunity and so much fun."