A “standout” high street in North Yorkshire has been named among the UK’s best, according to The Telegraph readers.

Northallerton High Street was praised by one person as being a “gem of a town for shopping”, which resulted in a "serendipitous" visit.

Introducing the readers' list, The Telegraph commented: “We loved reading your comments in response to our recent article about the UK’s loveliest high streets — especially those who felt that their favourite had been missed.

“There was also some lively debate about what makes a great high street. Robert Hayward points out ‘it’s no coincidence’ that of the places on our list ‘pretty much all of them exclude cars from the street’.

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“Bill Bradbury went as far as daring us to rank Britain’s worst high streets (‘you will be inundated with claims’) while J Smith kept their cards closer to their chest, commenting: ‘Phew … the Times has missed my favourite local high streets.'"

You can see all the UK’s best high streets as chosen by The Telegraph readers here.

Why does Northallerton have one of the UK’s best high streets?

The Times revealed: “Northallerton was another standout. Hazel Jillings shared how her visit was serendipitous. ‘Looking for a place to stay overnight en route from Scotland to London, we booked one night in Northallerton at the Northallerton Inn,’ she said.”

Hazel added: “What a lucky find. Not only was it a great place to stay but a gem of a town for shopping.”

Northallerton High Street was highlighted by The Telegraph readers among Lincoln and Ludlow in ShropshireNorthallerton High Street was highlighted by The Telegraph readers among Lincoln and Ludlow in Shropshire (Image: Getty)

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The publisher continued: “She also praised its ‘excellent department store, in the same family since 1882 … wonderful deli (Lewis & Cooper)’ and ‘a branch of Bettys Tea Room’.

“There’s plenty of variety along the high street, from musical-instrument specialists to wine merchants and arts and crafts supplies.”

Northallerton High Street also hosts a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays where there is “something for everyone”.