Darlington Borough Council is set to discuss a planning application to install new lights at a Darlington Tennis club at Wednesday's planning committee meeting.

The application proposes to update existing lighting at New Blackwell Lawn Tennis Club on Carmel Grove, which will add three new six-metre-high lighting units to illuminate court five.

The changes, which are intended to improve lighting control, aim to minimise light spill with shields potentially added to limit impact on nearby properties.

Concerns over light spill, privacy, and impacts to views had been raised as part of the application process.

Queries were also raised about the adequacy of the information included in the application.

Darlington's street lighting team noted the design "minimizes light spill and should not affect surrounding areas."

In response to these issues, restrictions have been proposed in the conditions for project approval.

If passed, the development will have to start within three years, in line with approved plans.

Moreover, the specifics of any light shields must be given the nod before being fitted.

New lighting will be permitted to operate only between 9am and 9.30pm.

The council could accept the proposal at Wednesday's planning committee meeting.