The renowned Barn That Rocks concert raised £27,021.19 at this year's event, organiser Peter Fall has revealed.

The money has been donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which received £25,391.44 and Prostate Cancer UK, which received £1,629.75.

It brings to an astonishing £152,956.31 made for charity by Peter, his family and supporters since the first Barn That Rocks concert was held in 2011.

In an emotional thank you to supporters Peter said the event has kept him going through a traumatic year. He has been having gruelling treatment for prostate cancer while ensuring all the arrangements for the concert were in hand.

He added: “It has been a difficult year, it was after the Barn That Rocks last year that brought the problem to a head, and I realised I had to get checked. I have been fighting the cancer for the past year and I can honestly say organising and looking forward to the Barn that Rocks 2024 got me through it, that and my wife Barbara.

“It was really a year of ups and downs, we were nominated for two awards and we won them, but I was struck down. Barbara has been right behind me with love and support.

“I had to go to James Cook (hospital) every day for 21 days, and I was just thinking to myself 'come on Peter, there are all these people relying on you for a good night out'. It did get me through it, and it was something positive and I concentrated on that."

The concert took place on June 1 at Peter's farm at Patrick Brompton, between Bedale and Leyburn.

“On the night there was so much support," he said. "I have never known so many people wanting to shake my hand, and when I spoke at the end I was just in tears because of the love from everyone. It is like a fairytale, I cannot tell people what it means.

“It just keeps getting better and better, it is absolutely amazing. I want to thank everyone that has contributed; the bands, Barclays Bank, the sponsors, everyone who gave raffle prizes, and absolutely everyone who came on the night and made it such a special time, and gave us this brilliant result.”

Peter started the concerts in 2011 after meeting friends at a funeral when they all complained the only time they got together was for sad occasions. For one day of the year he transforms his farm into a concert venue, with a capacity crowd of 800.

This year tickets sold out in hours, and next year's event has already been booked with the Barn That Rocks 2025 being held on Saturday, June 7. Tickets will go on sale in March.