A North East high street pub has reopened after being closed for 18 months.

The North Eastern on Stockton High Street, located near The Globe, reopened its doors on Wednesday (June 12).

The pub remains listed for sale at £225,000.

Paul Alderson, 60, from Stockton, who works as a manager for the owner of the pub, said it’s been quiet since reopening but said he is still waiting to see how it performs during the first full week open.

He said: “It’s been quiet, but we knew that.

“Until people find out, we opened it on Wednesday, the afternoon wasn’t bad, but yesterday was pretty poor.

“Stockton’s not the best of towns in the night-time.

“We’ll see next week when it’s our first full week. It’s going to help when there’s something on at The Globe next door.”

He added he believes the industry has struggled since the pandemic.

The venue is a detached two-storey property extending into the roof areas with a pitched roof and single storey extension to the rear.