Count Binface has pledged to build a 'space bridge' to solve Northallerton's traffic problems as he announced his election manifesto.

The self-dubbed 'intergalactic space warrior' is standing against PM Rishi Sunak to win the North Yorkshire seat.

Binface has unveiled a list of unconventional promises in his manifesto entitled ‘Bloody Loyal to Wherever I’m Standing for Election’ - a sly dig at former North West Durham MP Richard Holden who last year claimed to be loyal to the North East, before being selected to stand in Essex.

A 'space bridge' is among his key pledges, to help solve Northallerton High Street's traffic problems.

Water bosses being required to test the cleanliness of British rivers themselves and former Prime Ministers serving in a national service are among Binface's pledges.

Binface, who has previously contested the London Mayoral Elections, is also committed to reviving Ceefax and knighting Wallace and Gromit for services to Wensleydale.

He also pledges to deliver functional Wifi on trains alongside "trains that work".

Economic pledges included building "at least one" affordable house, capping croissant prices at £1.10, making 99 Flakes 99p, and tying ministers’ pay to that of nurses for a century.

To combat noise pollution in cinemas and on public transport, loud snacks and speakerphones would be banned, respectively.

The latter even carries a peculiar punishment: "Offenders to be forced to live with Matt Hancock for a year."

Other proposals ranged from mandating MPs to live in the area they wish to represent four years before the election, to proposing himself as the UK's representative in the next Eurovision song contest.

The list of Richmond and Northallerton candidates:

  • Jason Barnett (Independent)
  • Count Binface (The Count Binface Party)
  • Daniel Callaghan (Liberal Democrats)
  • Angie Campion (Independent)
  • Louise Dickins (The Workers Party)
  • Kevin Foster (The Green Party)
  • Rio Goldhammer (The Yorkshire Party)
  • Niko Omilana (No party listed)
  • Brian Richmond (Independent)
  • Archibald Stanton (The Monster Raving Loony Party)
  • Rishi Sunak (The Conservative Party)
  • Lee Taylor (Reform UK)
  • Tom Wilson ( The Labour Party)