Ahead of the General Election on July 4, we have compiled a list of the Parliamentary candidates standing to be elected for all of the seats in each North Yorkshire constituency.

You will be able to register to vote in the General Election until midnight on Tuesday (June 18).

Below we have compiled a list of candidates for each constituency:

Wetherby and Easingwold constituency:

  • John Hall (Yorkshire Party)
  • Mike Jordan (Reform UK)
  • James Monaghan (Liberal Democrats)
  • Ben Pickles (The Labour Party)
  • Alex Shelbrooke (The Conservative Party)
  • Arnold Warneken (The Green Party) 

Skipton and Ripon constituency:

  • Malcolm Birks (The Labour Party)
  • Andy Brown (The Green Party)
  • Simon Garvey (Reform UK)
  • Ryan Kett (Yorkshire Party) 
  • Andrew Murday (Liberal Democrats)
  • Guy Phoenix (Heritage Party)
  • Julian Smith (The Conservative Party)
  • Keith Tordoff (Independent) 

Richmond and Northallerton Constituency:

  • Jason Barnett (Independent)
  • Count Binface (The Count Binface Party)
  • Daniel Callaghan (Liberal Democrats)
  • Angie Campion (Independent)
  • Louise Dickins (The Workers Party)
  • Kevin Foster (The Green Party)
  • Rio Goldhammer (The Yorkshire Party)
  • Niko Omilana (No party listed)
  • Brian Richmond (Independent)
  • Archibald Stanton (The Monster Raving Loony Party)
  • Rishi Sunak (The Conservative Party)
  • Lee Taylor (Reform UK)
  • Tom Wilson ( The Labour Party)

Selby constituency: 

  • David Burns (Reform UK)
  • Keir Mather (The Labour Party)
  • Angela Oldershaw (The Green Party)
  • Charles Richardson (The Conservative Party)
  • Christian Vassie (Liberal Democrats)

Scarborough and Whitby constituency:

  • David Bowes (Reform UK)
  • Lee Derrick (Yorkshire Party)
  •  Thomas Foster (Social Democratic Party)
  • Annette Hudspeth (The Green Party)
  • Alison Hume (The Labour Party)
  • Asa Jones (Social Justice Party)
  • Robert Lockwood (Liberal Democrats)
  • Roberto Sanz-Weeden (The Conservative and Unionist Party)

Thirsk and Malton constituency:

  • Lisa Banes (The Labour Party)
  • Luke Brownlee (The Yorkshire Party)
  • Kevin Hollinrake (The Conservative Party)
  • Steve Mason (Liberal Democrats)
  • Richard McLane (The Green Party)
  • Mark Robinson (Reform UK)

Harrogate and Knaresborough constituency:

  • Tom Gordon (Liberal Democrats)
  • Paul Haslam (Independent) 
  • Andrew Jones (The Conservative Party)
  • Stephen Metcalfe (No Party Stated)
  • Shan Oakes (The Green Party)
  • Jonathan Swales (Reform UK)
  • Conrad Whitcroft (The Labour Party)