A brand new shop has just opened on Norton high street.

Teesside Hospice have finally opened their store in the centre of the community they have served for the last 42 years.

The staff are "excited" to meet people and raise money to continue to provide care for those living with terminal illnesses.

They invite everyone in the area to visit their shop to purchase a lucky dip, donate a bag of clothing and items or sign up to the Teesside Hospice MyCard Loyalty Scheme.

You can find them at 10 High Street, Norton. They are also on the look out for volunteers if that is something you are interested in.

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Chris McMahon, Head of Retail at Teesside Hospice, said: "We’re so proud to finally be in the centre of a community we’ve served for 42 years through our clinical services.

"Our Norton team of staff and volunteers are excited to meet the residents and visitors of Norton face-to-face, so we can continue to provide palliative care for those living with a terminal illness and their families."

Have a look inside the new shop:

(Image: Teesside Hospice) (Image: Teesside Hospice) (Image: Teesside Hospice)