A new traffic management plan (TMP) has been released ahead of this year's Appleby Fair. 

The Multi-Agency Coordinating Group (MASCG), created in 2008 as a combination of agencies to bring together skills and knowledge to support the Fair, has released a new TMP ahead of this year's event which runs from June 6 to 12. 

Since 2011, a permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has been in operation to maintain road safety in the lead-up to and throughout the duration of the Fair.

New Measures under the TRO include 30mph speed restrictions in Appleby to reduce traffic speeds in heavily pedestrianised areas where motorists would normally be able to travel at higher speeds. 

A one-way traffic restriction on the Boroughgate side road in Appleby, restricting southbound traffic, will also be in effect.

This follows concerns about competing vehicle and horse access to the post office and Market Hall area of the town.

The updated plan also includes a parking prohibition along the U3219 Murton, a measure recommended by the parish council due to inopportune parking on the village green during the 2023 Fair. 

A new footway and temporary pedestrian guardrail have been placed on the road known as "Flashing Lane" to improve pedestrian safety.

In response to concerns by the Police and the RSPCA about excessive speeds of horses and sulkies travelling to and from Appleby between Salt Tip Corner and the Station Road junction, temporary traffic calming measures have been implemented.

Restriction measures will be introduced at the Appleby Leisure Centre car park, maintaining residential access, but preventing illegal overnight parking. 

Westmorland and Furness Council’s Traffic Management (Eden) & TTRO Team Leader, Laura McClellan, said: “The improvement to this year’s traffic management plan address issues raised over previous years and are intended to make the highway safe for all its users during the Fair.”

"Following concerns about a lack of on-street enforcement at the 2022 Fair, Westmorland and Furness Council reassessed their Civil Enforcement Patrols for the 2023 Fair, which had a positive impact and we aim to continue this going forward.

“In addition to all the improvements, the 40mph Speed Restriction on Powis Lane and temporary road closure outside The Midland, from its junction with Clifford Street to its junction with Station Road, will be in operation again for the 2024 Fair, both of these measures were introduced for the 2022 Fair and were viewed to have been a success.

“A particular safety message we’re keen to promote at the Fair is that pedestrians must not attempt to board, or jump from moving vehicles at any time.”

The full Traffic Management Plan for Appleby Horse Fair is available at www.applebyfair.org