Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was asked about a general election during a visit to North Yorkshire on Friday (May 3).

Mr Sunak visited the region while local and mayoral elections were happening across the UK - including the mayoral elections in York and North Yorkshire, Tees Valley, and the North East.

During the visit, the prime minister said he is “focused completely on the job at hand” amid a bruising set of local election results for the Tory Party which could heap further pressure on his leadership.

Asked whether he needs to convince his party he can do better in a general election, he told reporters at a military base in North Yorkshire: “If Keir Starmer was in Harlow on Wednesday saying that that was a place he needed to win in order to win the next general election, that has happened.

“Look, I am focused completely on the job at hand, that’s delivering for people across the country.”

The Prime Minister also said the local election results had been “disappointing” but there were still many results to be announced.

He said: "Obviously it’s disappointing to lose good, hard-working Conservative councillors and I’m grateful to them for all their service in local government, keeping council tax low and delivering services for local people.