The Environment Agency has issued a progress update on covering up the smell that has plagued residents in Darlington and Aycliffe for months. 

A sulphur 'gas-like' smell has been frustrating locals from North Darlington to Newton Aycliffe since September 2023.

Some residents have been baffled about what the cause of the smell was - which some described as "horrendous" and "off-putting". 

Darlington and Stockton Times: The Aycliffe Landfill siteThe Aycliffe Landfill site (Image: ENVIRONMENT AGENCY)

Despite the concerns of residents, both on social media and in person, the Environment Agency pinpointed the source of the whiff to the Aycliffe Quarry Landfill.

Since September 2023, the Environment Agency has been working with the Aycliffe Quarry Landfill to try and reduce the smell - and have now issued an update. 

Giving insight into how the landfill is getting on in terms of covering up the smells coming from the site, the Environment Agency has confirmed that several measures have been carried out. 

Darlington and Stockton Times: Heavy machinery on the landfill siteHeavy machinery on the landfill site (Image: ENVIRONMENT AGENCY)

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: "The works to complete the reprofiling and covering of the internal flank on cells 2, 3 and 4 are now complete.

"The flank has been realigned and covered with a layer of cohesive material to reduce odours coming from the site. This flank was the source of the most elevated emissions from the site.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Workers on the landfill siteWorkers on the landfill site (Image: ENVIRONMENT AGENCY)

"We will be assessing these works this week and will provide feedback on our findings. In addition to the flank reprofiling works extra gas extraction wells are being progressively installed across the site.

The spokesperson added: "These works are ongoing and are expected to be completed in April.

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"These will also act to further reduce any odorous emissions from the site by drawing out more gas through sealed pipework. We will provide further updates on this work as it progresses. We will continue to inspect the site regularly and ensure that works to manage landfill gas on site are progressing.

"We are also progressing with the installation of a permanent air monitoring station at a location close to the site. We hope to be able to confirm further details relating to this soon.

"Our daily monitoring has continued to record low levels of methane and hydrogen sulphide off-site."