Mountain rescuers came to the aid of a climber injured in a fall on the edge of the North York Moors on Saturday.

The incident took place at popular climbing location Barkers Crag, in Scugdale, east of Swainby.

Members of Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team were called to help the male climber by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service just before 2pm.

The team had been supporting its annual Cleveland Survival event based at Scaling Dam when it got the call, and sent two Land Rover crews and other personnel.

"At that time telephone contact with the casualty had been lost so the full circumstances and his condition were not clear," said a spokesperson for the team.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Mountain rescuers help the injured climber at Barkers Crag in Scugdale

"Upon their arrival it was found that the casualty had managed to get himself to the roadside assisted by other climbers. He was assessed by team members and found to have a serious arm injury and a foot injury. They administered pain relief and other medication before his arm was splinted by the ambulance crew when they arrived (they subsequently transported him to hospital)."

Eighteen team members were involved in the two-hour rescue.

It proved to be a busy day for the team, as a second call-out came in shortly before 5.30pm when a man walking with his family at Scaling Dam, but not involved in the survival event, was taken ill, just after passing one of the mountain rescue checkpoints.

Darlington and Stockton Times: An man was taken ill whilst walking with his family at Scaling Dam on Saturday

"Team members from the checkpoint deployed immediately to help him, backed up by their Land Rover crews whilst they also requested an ambulance," said the team spokesperson.

"As they were treating the casualty for the original problem, which gradually improved, they assessed that he had also sustained a shoulder injury. After providing pain relief for that injury and updating the Yorkshire Ambulance Service regarding his condition, the team made arrangements for the family to be reunited with their vehicle and the casualty was advised to get checked at hospital.

"Thirteen members were involved in the second call-out for 1.5-hours before returning to event control to help with packing up the equipment used during the Cleveland Survival and then returning it to base."