Rounton Coffee has launched a limited-edition coffee, with a charitable twist aimed at supporting local wildlife conservation efforts.

The North Yorkshire-based speciality coffee roaster, which started operating in 2014, is dedicated to sourcing and roasting high-quality coffee beans while championing sustainability and ethical practices throughout its supply chain.

It has been a supporter of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust since 2023, initially through its commitment to the one per cent for the planet pledge which sees the company donate one per cent of its turnover to charitable causes closely aligned with its values.

Rounton, based near Northallerton, has since become a corporate member of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Grace Harper, Pedro Gabarra, David Beattie and Kim Tillyer

To commemorate this launch and to contribute to wildlife conservation efforts closer to home in North Yorkshire, Rounton Coffee is donating £2 from the RRP of each box of Pinhal coffee sold to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

With a target of raising £2,000 through the sale of 1,000 boxes, the coffee roaster aims to make a tangible impact on local conservation initiatives.

The Pinhal coffee derives from Fazenda Pinhal, a renowned Brazilian coffee farm, known not only for its exceptional coffee beans but also for its dedication to environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation.

Managed by Pedro Gabarra and his sister Mariana, Fazenda Pinhal has been at the forefront of initiatives like the Wings Project, which focuses on rehabilitating and releasing birds illegally captured or trafficked in Brazil.

Rounton Coffee founder David Beattie visited Fazenda Pinhal during a trip to Brazil in the summer of 2023. He said: “I was deeply inspired by the Gabarra family’s commitment to coffee production intertwined with wildlife conservation.

“This inspiration has culminated in the launch of the Pinhal coffee, a limited-edition micro lot sourced directly from the farm and the donation to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.”

The coffee was launched at an exclusive event at Thirsk Garden Centre on Thursday.

Local artist Kim Tillyer crafted a bespoke design for the Pinhal coffee packaging, which not only celebrates the partnership with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the Wings Project but also raises awareness about endangered wildlife globally.