The contents of an ATM - believed to be thousands of pounds in cash - have been taken in a raid on a Co-op supermarket in North Yorkshire.

Police have been checking CCTV in Bedale High Street after thieves are understood to have forced their way through the front gates and door of the store in the Market Place and dragged out the ATM machine from  its foundation, stealing the contents.

The machine is set just inside two sets of double doors. Thieves struck overnight in the early hours of Sunday morning just before 3am. The damaged casing of the ATM was left behind inside the Co-op entrance. It is thought the interior safe with the cash had been forced out.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Thieves got away with the contents of an ATM in Bedale

There were reports that up to six people could have been involved, all wearing face coverings. The Co-op has been reopened and there was no sign of the raid yesterday except a space where the ATM used to be.

A neighbouring store owner said they had been contacted by police to see if CCTV had recorded anything. It is believed a white pick up type truck had been used and at least one other or possibly two other vehicles were involved in the raid.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Police cordon off Bedale Coop after the raid

One local trader said: "This is so shocking, you just don’t expect this to happen in the middle of Bedale, the Co-op is right in the town centre. They seem to have pulled out the ATM in its entirety, and then left the casing behind. People are astonished because it is in such a central position and you don’t think you are going to get a raid like this on your doorstep."

North Yorkshire Police said anyone with information should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.

It is believed the ATM contained thousands of pounds in cash.