Members of the public are being urged to attend an event dedicated to a town’s future transport needs.

As reported previously, a drop-in event with a view to influencing the future of transport in Northallerton and surrounding areas is being held tomorrow, Saturday, February 10 from 11am to 3pm at Northallerton Town Hall.

North Yorkshire Council is currently preparing a new local transport plan and the election of a new mayor for North Yorkshire and York, who will have responsibility for transport, means that views from the town are needed. Officials and members of NYC, as well as mayoral candidates, are invited to attend.

Cllr Paul Cornfoot, deputy mayor of Northallerton, said “This event offers a real opportunity for parishioners of Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby to influence the future of all forms of transport throughout the town.

"Our approach will be to listen to the concerns, ideas and priorities of residents and local businesses and then work closely with North Yorkshire Council and other transport providers.”