A council is being urged to install signs to help drivers realise how deep water is after one vehicle was swamped in floodwater as it drove under a bridge at Romanby, near Northallerton.

North Yorkshire Council is also calling on people to ensure they take notice of road closures after they had to divert officers to Morton on Swale bridge last week to stop people going through signs.

Torrential rain on Monday caused flooding at several locations including severe flooding under the railway bridge on Yafforth Road in Romanby, where one car became stranded.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Romanby road flooded

Eight roads were closed across North Yorkshire and many others, particularly around Northallerton, Bedale and Masham, were only passable with care. In Romanby, road closure signs were put up and the parish council issued an appeal to drivers not to go through them.

The authority said: "The Yafforth Road out of Romanby, past the Packhorse Bridge is severely flooded under the railway bridge, with one stranded vehicle and is closed. This has been reported to Highways and signs have been put up at both ends of the road. Please use alternative routes, and take care as there is a great deal of surface water on many main routes."

One resident urged the council: "Isn’t it about time height marker boards were placed under the bridge and fold down road closed signs put at the road junction at Yafforth and at the end of the green?

"Highways and yourselves along with possibly police, fire brigade and the railway need to get this actioned as it’s becoming a more and more common occurrence."

While the now infamous Morton on Swale bridge on the A684 was not closed this week, North Yorkshire Council issued an appeal to motorists to ensure they abided by road closed signs. They said last week there were highway officers at Morton on Swale to stop people going past the road closure signs and attempting to drive through deep flood water.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Floods at Morton-on-Swale on Monday in the aftermath of Storm Isha

They said: "This means that these officers are not available to deal with issues in other locations which could be impacting other people or homes. Driving through road closures also has an impact on the emergency services, including North Yorkshire Police.

"Please help us protect people and homes by not attempting to drive through road closures or flood water.

"During adverse weather conditions it is an ever changing situation on our roads. Please respect road closure signs and do not drive through flood water. We close roads to protect lives, property and livelihoods."