A family have set their sights on raising £20,000 to help their 15-year-old son walk again after a life-changing incident at home.

On December 9 last year, everything changed for Ripon Grammar student Alan Nowicki after he was paralysed from the waist down after an awful accident at home. 

Darlington and Stockton Times: Ripon Grammar student Alan NowickiRipon Grammar student Alan Nowicki (Image: FAMILY)

Happening in the bedroom of his family's Ripon home, the teenager fell from a pull bar, and as the bar fell from the door frame, he hit his head on the floor. 

After falling from the door, he warned his parents that he couldn't feel his legs - with Alan and his family having to wait two hours for the ambulance to take the 15-year-old to Leeds General Infirmary. 

Darlington and Stockton Times: Alan before his incidentAlan before his incident (Image: FAMILY)

It was at hospital that he received the life-changing news - he had suffered a spinal fracture with dislocation and spent the next 11 days in hospital, before being sent to Wakefield Pinderfields Hospital.

After arriving in Wakefield, his family have been told that his care package would cost up to £10,000 a week.

However, instead of opting for a UK specialist centre, his family approached a centre in their native Poland, where Alan can start intensive rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Alan in hospitalAlan in hospital (Image: FAMILY)

To do this though, the Nowicki family are looking to fundraise as much money as possible. 

Alan’s main goal is to be back at school sitting his GCSEs as normal with his classmates at Ripon Grammar School, so he can achieve his dream of becoming a Royal Air Force pilot.

But for now, that's on hold and his family are putting his health first and have set up a GoFundMe that is looking to raise £20,000 to give Alan the best care possible. 

Darlington and Stockton Times: Alan doing exercises in hospitalAlan doing exercises in hospital (Image: FAMILY)

To find out more and donate to the cause click here.

So far, over £14,000 has been raised but the Nowickis have some way to go.

On the fundraising page, set up by the 15-year-old's mum Kamila, it states: "Alan is a 15-year-old boy, he is very smart, ambitious, cheerful and athletic, he is the best student at school.

"Alan must start intensive as soon as it is possible, as the NHS provision is insufficient, offering 1 hour of manual physiotherapy 4 times a week, this is not even the bare minimum. We need to place Alan in the high-spec technology centre where he can be given a chance to fight for his plans.

"Alan is a good soul, he doesn't give up, he fights and thinks positively all the time. He wants to go back to school as soon as possible and write his GCSEs this year. He strongly believes that he will start walking again."

The fundraiser adds: "Alan needs the support of good people to get back on his feet and make his dreams come true.

"Unfortunately, rehabilitation at the centre is expensive, so we are asking for help and support for our son. We are full of hope and faith that our beloved son will come out of this nightmare, we know that there are good people out there."