People in Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby are being invited to have their say on the future of transport for the area.

As part of a major consultation to find out what people want to see being developed, restricted or improved, Northallerton Town Council has joined with neighbouring councils to organise a special event.

It will be held in Northallerton Town Hall on Saturday, February 10 between 11am and 3pm. Councillor Andrew Hugill said the council wants to hear what people think. He told Monday's town council meeting they are considering offering up a pretend budget to see where they would spend it on transport, to make the event more interesting.

A statement from the town council said: "2024 will be a great opportunity to influence the future of transport in Northallerton. North Yorkshire Council is currently preparing a new Local Transport Plan and there is the election of a new mayor for North Yorkshire and York, who will have responsibility for transport, which means that views from the town are needed.

"Officials and members from North Yorkshire Council as well as mayoral candidates, are being invited to attend to hear people’s views.

"So, whether it's buses, trains, walking, cycling, driving, taxis, parking, congestion, level crossings or anything else transport related, we are asking people to please come along to share your thoughts so that we can use them to help shape plans for the next few years."

Cllr Paul Cornfoot, deputy mayor of Northallerton, added: "This event offers a real opportunity for parishioners of Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby to influence the future of all forms of transport throughout the town. Our approach will be to listen to the concerns, ideas and priorities of both residents and local businesses and then work closely with North Yorkshire Council and other transport providers to help deliver future improvements. I would encourage everyone to join us in the Town Hall on February 10.”

North Yorkshire Council is preparing the first draft for the Local Transport Plan since the authority was formed last April. It says since the current North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan came into effect in 2016, more people are using electric vehicles, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how people live, work and travel, and there have been advances in technology.