A YOUNG calf has been rescued from a deep 'windy hole' by a local farrier.

Last Wednesday, farmers Charlie Allott and his dad, were concerned when they were a calf short in their herd near Hawnby,

Later that afternoon they suspected that the calf might have fallen down a windy hole, although nothing could be seen.

Charlie said a windy hole was a hole that just suddenly appeared.

" This one has been there for many many years. Always a strange phenomenon as there is always a breeze that rises from them. Hence the term windy hole. 
There are quite a few in the area and I believe that Richard has been of help to other farmers too who have lost animals down them. Usually sheep but we have cattle"

 The following morning when the count was still down by one calf, they contacted farrier, Richard Edwards, who is an experienced potholer.


Charlie said: "Richard had previously explored this particular windy hole, offered to come and have a look to see if that was where the calf was. Richard who is our farrier, was due to shoe one of the horses at Bilsdale Riding Centre, so was going to be on site, so to speak.

Once geared up Richard, ably assisted by the two farmers went down the windy hole and about 10 yards in found the calf fit and well. Around 20 minutes later, the calf was rescued and reunited with its mother.

Charlie said: "We would like to say a big thank you to Richard for going above and beyond the call of duty."