A rescue pup who spent nearly a year at Dogs Trust Darlington has finally found her forever home just in time for Christmas.

Two-year-old Cali the crossbreed pooch was handed to the centre in January 2023 with her large litter of ten pups - who quickly found new homes.

By March, Cali was alone in the kennels and began to feel nervous but thanks to hard work and dedication from training staff, she opened up and became quite the confident young dog.

As Cali’s affectionate and loving nature began to blossom, her profile on Dogs Trust Darlington’s website caught the attention of Richard and Dorothy Massey from Crook in Country Durham. 

After ten months in Dogs Trust care, staff bid an emotional farewell to a more confident canine who had stolen their hearts, as Cali went to her forever home. 

Darlington and Stockton Times: Cali and new mum Dorothy.Cali and new mum Dorothy. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

Speaking about their new best friend, Dorothy Massey said: "Cali is a beautiful dog both inside and out. Once she gets to know you, you have a loving and loyal friend for life. 

"Cali is the third dog we have adopted from Dogs Trust, and she is the most openly affectionate of all the dogs we have owned.

"She loves nothing more than playing with her toys or snuggling up beside you on the sofa and is both extremely loving and a bundle of energy. 

"Cali will be spoiled this Christmas without doubt as both 'grandmothers' have presents planned."

Darlington and Stockton Times: Cali the dog.Cali the dog. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

She added: "To anyone thinking of adopting a rescue dog, I would say think carefully about what you can and can't offer and to keep an open mind.

"Don't overlook the less popular or more challenging dogs as, although you'll have to be prepared to put in the effort and adapt to your new dog's needs, it's well worth the effort."

Darlington and Stockton Times: Cali the dog.Cali the dog. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

Alex Hennessey, Manager at Dogs Trust Darlington Rehoming Centre said: "While in our care, staff spent a lot of time with Cali to help build her confidence and we slowly witnessed her change in front of our eyes.

"It is what our job is all about, getting to know our dogs and their individual personalities so we can find the right home for every dog in our care. 

"We can’t imagine a better match for Cali. We are thrilled she has well and truly landed on her paws, is happy and loved in her new home this Christmas and wish the same for our current residents."