Stokesley and Great Ayton FairTrade Group held a successful coffee morning in Stokesley Town Hall, supported by local Co-op stores donating FairTrade products.

One of the group members, Caroline Kitching said: "FairTrade helps farmers in areas of the world where global warming is hitting the hardest.

"FairTrade support gives them the means to farm sustainably and, thereby, prevent family and community poverty."

Another member, Sally Chaplain added: "Our local group is working hard to highlight the effect of climate change on producers of tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar that we consume.

"Here in Stokesley and Ayton, FairTrade means that producers such as women picking our tea leaf by leaf, are guaranteed a fair salary and their community is helped with needs such as schools or clean water projects. If anyone wants to join our group, please email"

Pam Shepherd brought her large range of craft and food products from many ethical suppliers, and said: "If people buy something extremely cheaply, we need to think about how much the producer was paid so that they are paid a fair price, which is what FairTrade guarantees."