Stunt driver Paul Swift has landed his place in the Guinness World Record book – 37 years after learning the trick on a mini-tractor.

At the age of seven Paul, from Darlington, hoped to make the record books driving a mini tractor 230 metres on two wheels.

Now, at the age of 44, his dreams of making the record books have come true after landing his third Guinness World Record and a place on page four of next year's iconic annual.

The new record is for the tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two wheels, with a tight at an impressive 88cm.

Paul appeared on the front page of The Northern Echo performing the two-wheel stunt on his mini tractor in May, 1987.

Darlington and Stockton Times: The Northern Echo front page May 27, 1987.The Northern Echo front page May 27, 1987. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

He said: “I’m absolutely delighted.

“It’s like James Bond when he has to go through a really narrow gap and he can only do it by going on two wheels.

“It isn’t about speed – it’s like riding a bike as slow as possible you have to really work the handlebars.

“We have to get around all the safety features on cars now that don’t want you to be on two wheels.”

Darlington and Stockton Times: Paul completed the record attempt at Silverstone.Paul completed the record attempt at Silverstone. (Image: PR)

He drove a 2.7 tonne Ranger 4x4 through the small gap at Silverstone racing circuit last week after practicing in Darlington.

It’s his third time making the Guinness World Records after completing the tightest parallel park in an electric car and quickest time to complete five stunts.

“I was always enthusiastic as a child, I learned to go on two wheels on a lawnmower when I was seven,” he added.

“I remember the reporters coming and taking a picture of me.”

He was pictured on page one of The Northern Echo on May 27, 1987 on two wheels riding his lawnmower.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Paul on his tractor in 1987.Paul on his tractor in 1987. (Image: GORDON AMORY/ARCHIVE)

Paul’s dad Russel Swift led a car display team, and Paul’s children are now also into driving following in both of their wheeltracks.

“I’ve been described as a helicopter parent, because I’m always hovering over them telling them to be careful," he said.

“I guess the show’s on the other food when its your own children.”

The attempt comes as part of Guinness World Record day when record-breaking hopefuls from across the globe make their own attempts. People are being urged to have a go at the record for the fastest time to fold and throw a paper aircraft as part of the day.

Paul says he has now “got the bug” and has a few ideas up his sleeve for records to attempt in the new year.

“I can’t do this without my family and friends who have made it all possible for me, even just building the ramps.”

Paul now runs driving experiences at Darlington Arena including a Christmas-themed day on December 9.

Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief at Guinness World Records, said: “The theme for GWR Day is super skills, and Paul is a perfect example of how you can turn your passion into a record-breaking success.

"With pogo-sticking in the USA, gymnastics in China and skipping in Japan, we're seeing a range of skills on offer this year. It doesn’t matter what your passion or skill is, there's a record to be broken and we want to hear from you - and hopefully get you into the next edition of the book. Get applying!”