A controversial planning application to build a petrol station and fast food restaurants at Scotch Corner has been given approval.

Residents of nearby Middleton Tyas described the redevelopment as needing more strategic planning and asked for a hold on all plans pending a review. 

Local councillor Angus Thompson emphasised the support of the parish council for the proposal and described the Dalesway Lodge as an "absolute eyesore".

The North Yorkshire planning committee approved the proposal unanimously subject to a bus shelter being added to the proposal. 

The plan could see a petrol station and two drive through restaurants built near the planned 23,000sqm Scotch Corner Designer Outlet. 

Speaking on behalf of Middleton Tyas residents Steve Hill said: "There has been a lack of strategic approach to planned developments considering there combined impact on the area.

"The increased congestion of traffic on Scotch Corner roundabout will make it even more gridlocked at busy times. 

"We ask for all planning applications to be put on hold until a strategic review of the applications in the area have been assessed.

"The residents of Middleton Tyas therefore object to this application."

Councillor Angus Thompson said: "This has been ongoing for a long long time and I understand the concern with a lack of strategic approach.

"However, those of us able to go on the site visit on Monday saw that at the moment Dalesway Lodge is an absolute eyesore.

"It doesn't matter which way you look at it. Anything to tidy that up would be pleasing.

"The parish council told me in no uncertain terms that they are heavily in favour of it."

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Mr Thompson was in favour of the application and recommended that a bus shelter be added to the proposal.

Chair David Webster ended the review by asking for a vote which was carried unanimously. 

He said: "Unanimous approval subject to officers negotiating for the bus stops."