A Conservative MP has said her office is “besieged by asylum seekers” before calling for “illegal migrants” to be expelled from the UK.

Jill Mortimer said some of her Hartlepool constituents have safety concerns as she raised the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons.

She said: “Every week my office is besieged by asylum seekers. My staff are intimidated by young men. The fact is, most of them are illegal migrants who should be expelled.”

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She added: “Will the Prime Minister take action? Will he make sure enforcement is delivered? Will he ensure that people who have no right to be here are expelled?

“Enough is enough, I want these people out of Hartlepool now.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “I would like to reassure her that this Government is doing everything we can to tackle illegal migration and the harm it causes by removing those with no right to be here in the UK.

“We have excellent longstanding relationships to return people to many countries, we are returning thousands of people more this year than we have done in the past.

“And we will continue to use every avenue at our disposal to ensure that it is only this country and this Government who decides who come here and not criminal gangs.”