A girl who doubted she’d ever sit her GCSEs when she dropped out of school after being severely bullied is on cloud nine after getting the grades to follow her sky-high dreams.

Kaz Ali, from Darlington, missed most of Year 10 after she was seriously bullied and dropped out to be home-schooled.

The wannabe air hostess doubted whether she would ever sit her exams after being rejected to join several schools.

But after bagging a place at Polam Hall in Darlington at the start of Year 11 she is now overjoyed to be following her dreams of a career in the skies.

She said: “I didn’t think I was going to pass anything, but I guess if you keep being determined you’ll get there in life.  I’m just proud of myself for even sitting my exams, but passing them has really made my day. It just shows you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

“I had support from all my teachers, they did extra lessons with me, helped me with lots of revision, and I ended up passing. They were amazing.”

Kaz will now go to Middlesbrough College and study aviation, following her dream to become an air hostess.

“I especially want to thank Mrs Coates,” she added, indicating Polam Hall’s Operations Manager, Angela Coates.

“She helped me with the admissions process and to get into the school, and she made me want to push myself to reach my goals. I’d also like to thank my maths teacher, Mr Birtles, and my English teacher, Mrs Hardy. They pushed me a lot when I needed it, and went at my pace when I was struggling. Without them, I wouldn’t have passed.”

Angela said: “Kaz was quite a shy person when she joined us, but she was so determined. We’ve helped her get there, but she was the one who made it happen.

“Kaz knew that she wanted to be at Polam, and it was a pleasure to help her realise that. It made me very proud to see her in class, working hard, making new friends, and pushing herself to achieve. I’m really, really proud of her.”