Life saving charity the Yorkshire Air Ambulance has signed the Armed Forces Covenant to demonstrate its support for the military community.

The charity says they are keen to recognise the Forces invaluable contributions and sacrifices. The Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge to ensure that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, as well as their families, are treated with respect and fairness. By signing this covenant,the YAA say they aim to solidify their dedication to inclusivity, fostering a culture of gratitude and understanding.

Laura Wilson, HR Manager at Yorkshire Air Ambulance said the significance of the covenant resonates with the charity, which is proud to have many military veterans as part of its team. She added: “These veterans bring a wealth of experience, resilience, and dedication that aligns perfectly with YAA's core mission to save lives. Recognising the value of these individuals, YAA is committed to supporting their continued employment and career growth, actively considering their valuable military skills and qualifications during recruitment and selection processes.

“As a charity deeply rooted in serving our communities, we are incredibly proud to sign the Armed Forces Covenant. This reflects our unwavering support and highlights our determination to provide equal opportunities and care to those who have dedicated their lives to protect our country. By promoting the Covenant's principles and implementing our pledges, we aim to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for veterans, Service spouses, Reserves, and cadets."

They will now be raising awareness of the Covenant with stakeholders and say they are committed to supporting veterans and acknowledging the sacrifices of Service spouses and partners and is offering employment support with flexible leave options. The YAA says it will continue to stand firmly behind its Reserve Forces employees and support staff volunteering in military cadet organisations while extending support to local cadet units. They will also participate in significant Armed Forces events.

Owen McTeggart, an Armed Forces veteran and Chief Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Pilot for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, said: "As a former member of the Armed Forces and now a pilot the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant holds profound personal significance. It's inspiring to witness the charity's commitment to support veterans, acknowledging their unique skill sets. My military background has provided me with invaluable life experiences and qualities that I regularly apply in my role as a HEMS pilot, and I am very proud to be a part of a charity that values and embraces these attributes."