A popular pub in Richmond, North Yorkshire has announced it will be closing its doors forever as they say business is no longer viable in the "current climate".

Owners of The Swan in Richmondshire have today (August 11) announced they will close their doors on Monday, August 14 in a heartbreaking post online. 

The pub, located in Gilling West, Richmond, is well known amongst locals and has amassed over 2,000 followers online.

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The Swan's owners Dean and Vic claimed in the post that business in the pub game is simply "no longer viable" as they thank their staff and customers for their support.

A statement from the team reads: "It is with a mix of emotions that we share this news with you all. After ten years of incredible moments, growth from humble beginnings and loads of happy memories, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors.

"Things are just no longer viable in the pub game in this current climate."

Whilst the pub may be closing, the team have confirmed that the accomodation at their Stable Yard Rooms will continue as normal, unnaffected by the pub closure.

The statement continued: "To our incredible team: your hard work, creativity and dedication have been the heart and soul of what we are about.

"To our customers: You are the reason we have been able to do what we love every day for so long. Your support and trust have been the foundation of our success."

Shocked customers of the pub flooded the comments with well wishes for the team, expressing their sadness at the closure.

One said: "Very sad, but understandable news. Thank you for so many great days and nights and meals. Some fantastic memories made."

Another said: "Wishing you all the very best in the next stage of your journey. It’s so sad after all that you have put into it over the past 10 years."

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This is now one of many businesses that have announced they will be closing in Richmond, with concern growing over the number of businesses that are shutting up shop.

York House antiques shop and Ravensworth Nurseries, which have become cornerstones of the North Yorkshire market town during decades of service, have both announced their closure.

The Fleece Hotel and Cross View Tea Rooms have also said that they will be shutting their doors for good soon.